Model of August 2014:


Peeky is a plus size model that was born and raised in Holland and is now based in NYC. As a teenager, she did not like her body because it didn't look like the frames that models and celebrities were sporting in the magazines she read. Everything changed when she read about a plus size model competition, which she entered and won.

Peeky was first signed with an agency in Holland and then other agents around the world followed. She has worked for Vogue, Marina Rinaldi, Elena Miro, Anna Scholz, Evans, Lane Bryant, Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, Dillards, and more.

Working as a plus size model did not only teach Peeky how to accept her body, but it lead to a genuine love of her curves. Her goal is to get rid of the "only one body type is beautiful" concept as we know it in fashion and strive toward an industry where all shapes and sizes are embraced.

You can see more of Peeky's work on her website.

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