Model of September 2011:


Hello! I'm Tara, a Creole, Indian and African American city chick, born and raised in Los Angeles. I am an only child of a hard working single mother who has always taught me to never give up no matter how hard the challenge in life is. I was always interested in fashion, and like every other girl, modeling fell in between because of the unique styles and the crazy, beautiful but creative poses I saw in magazines. I noticed that the models always had an edge to them - something that always made them individually stand out from the crowd. This really interested me. It was something I could relate to.

Reading magazine after magazine and seeing different editorial spreads, I began mocking poses in the mirror for quite sometime. After hearing my mom talk about college and becoming a nurse I decided that enough was enough. I was to either go for my dream or dream of what it would have been.

I joined ModelWire Network and had my first shoot with photographer Osby Adair a week later. I was so excited and nervous but told myself not to think much of it because I didn't want to let myself down. Also, it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. Throughout the shoot I began to calm down and just get into it and when I took a look at my photos my eyes were dazed in awe - I thought to myself, "Is that really me?!"

Afterwards, I posted my pictures around and since then I've been getting different photographers booking me for shoots. I've been taking each shoot seriously bringing more attitude and creativity to each one. I LOVE IT! I am not where I want to be yet of course, but being that I took a chance in life doing something I really love and had my heart set on is something I could never take for granted. I stand as a unique individual who loves to think out of the box when it comes to fashion. I love to see where and how far it'll take me but never limited to anything man puts in front of me. I am very ambitious and ALWAYS determined to follow and conquer my dreams as a model.

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