Model of November 2011:

Parker York Smith

Parker York Smith was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. From an early age, he could tell he was cut from a different cloth than his peers.  He grew up playing a lot of sports (basketball, football, track and field).  He went on to the University of Dayton where he started working locally as a part-time print model.  After doing a few traveling runway shows, he realized that modeling was something he wanted to pursue more seriously.  That was six years ago.

Now living in Los Angeles, he's enjoying the creativity and freedom of expression surrounding him, especially because expressing himself through fashion is really important to him.  Modeling has always been a catalyst for Parker.  It has allowed him to become more in touch with style, which has turned him into the "go-to guy" for fashion within his group of friends.

Parker's future plans include having a direct hand in the creation of clothing or shoes through his own brand and label.  It's been a dream of his since he was 7 to have his own signature shoe, so he's building every connection he can in working towards that goal.  Ultimately, modeling is a fun and unique industry, and although is can be cut-throat and dreadfully competitive at times, it's something Parker really enjoys - and it definitely shines through his photos.

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