Model of December 2011:

Jordan Kimberly Popovich

Jordan Kimberly Popovich is a child at heart but also very blonde, spastic and energetic.  She loves being surrounded by her dog, boyfriend, friends and family.  As well as being a model, she also works at a restaurant where she is learning to be a bartender.  She loves the environment and regulars/co-workers she has befriended.  She also participates as an outdoor 5th grade camp counselor - she loves kids (especially acting like one and being around them).  She's a modern day hippie in the way that she gets ready and dresses, but also in her views of the government and media.

She believes that when she makes a name for herself she will use it to send powerful messages to her fans.  She hopes her position in this world and upcoming role in this industry will teach people not to believe everything they hear and to not care about silly things and to really show what's going on in our country and how we can get it back to what it used to be.  She's a Ron Paul supporter and hopes that she can inspire people to not be scared to rise up!

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