Featured Wardrobe Stylist of June 2015:

Shawnté Hernton

Shawnté Hernton has been a wardrobe stylist for about 3 years, but has always been into helping people put together outfits and providing fashion tips her whole life. She started creating outfits on Polyvore and used the app to help further her career, allowing people to see her true ability as a stylist. Shawnté used the outfits she created on the app to start a Facebook and Instagram page to showcase her talent and was able to land an internship at a local boutique. During her internship, she styled mannequins, styled for fashion shows, TV appearances, magazine ads and a cover.

Since her internship ended, Shawnté's main interest and focus has been on photoshoots. With the knowledge she has gained, she has used it to take more of a visionary and creative director role. She likes to be in control of all aspects of her team and have everyone come together to deliver her mission and bring it to life.

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