Featured Wardrobe Stylist of February 2014:

Dorothy Dominique Presents

Dorothy Dominique is originally from Haiti and is a creative director, event producer, fashion stylist, and image consultant. She began her journey as a stylist as a young girl witnessing the different cultures of back home and America and learning the different styles of people. Dorothy fell in love with fashion when she realized how people were able to communicate through their fashion sense. This grew a passion for her to want to help people communicate their style, their passion, and their talents through this universal language of fashion.

Dorothy attended school for image consulting - she wanted to learn as much as she could about garments and fabrics including color analysis, body analysis, etc. Once she became a certified image consultant, she continued her education and began to learn about fashion styling. As Dorothy began her career in fashion, she was fortunate to merge her knowledge of fashion styling and image consulting, which allowed her to truly understand garments, colors, and body types. She loves styling and the opportunity to create concepts. Styling allows her to venture into her imagination and bring her thoughts from fantasy to reality.