Featured Wardrobe Stylist of August 2013:

Clear Creativity (Dahlia Weinstein)

Stylist Dahlia Jean Weinstein holds an Associate of Arts degree in Fashion Design from the International Fine Arts College in Miami, Florida. She has 18-plus years of experience working the fashion industry. Dahlia specializes in creating contemporary, cutting-edge fashion shows and fashion editorial features for lifestyle magazines, newspapers and online fashion sites. In 2007, she was the founding editor-in-chief of the luxury lifestyle publication, Denver Magazine, where she conceptualized, styled and produced all of the fashion features during her tenure. From 1999-2007, as society columnist for the Rocky Mountain News, Dahlia produced a daily column as well as special fashion, lifestyle, architecture and décor features. From 1995-1999, Dahlia produced all of the fashion editorial content as the associate editor for high-end Miami magazines, Fashion Spectrum and Channel. Dahlia's sophisticated style guides her editorial projects from inception to production to final publication.