Featured Wardrobe Stylist of April 2013:

Joey Thao

Joey is originally from Sacramento in Northern California. He transplanted himself in Los Angeles to be a professional dancer, but finding another passion through fashion. He has dressed countless models and high-profile individuals for events and editorials. He has had his worked featured in many magazines such as Design Scene, Licked, Male Model Scene, Trendhunter, Cinder, and Agenda Magazine.

Joey's eclectic style is a mixture of edgy details with high fashion elements, he loves mixing street fashion with high fashion glamor. Beyond his ability to style, Joey also Art Directs as well as Designs. Through design he gets to create innovative custom pieces for clients and corporates them throughout his styling. He gets his best creativity from his enviroment and his friends around him.

Living in Los Angeles has taught him about being truly innovative and learning to take risk when needed. He lives for fashion, loves dressing up and truly enjoys all aspects about being a stylist from the numerous days prep to the countless hours on set.

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