Featured Wardrobe Stylist of September 2012:

French Vendette' (Erika Degraffinreaidt)

Erika Degraffinreaidt is an innovative wardrobe stylist based in Chicago, IL focusing on enhancing beauty by way of confidence. At 24 years old, Erika has definitely made her mark within the Chicago fashion industry. Her very impressive portfolio showcases her styling skills at some of the biggest shows that could ever hit Chicago. Those shows include  Brooklyn's Fashion Week, Macy's Glamorama, Latino Fashion Week, just to name a few. She has also had the superb opportunity to style for entertainers, music videos, designers, photographers, etc. as well as be featured as a stylist for Jet Magazine (July 2011 Issue), Allezom International Magazine, UstyleU Magazine, just to name a few. With her impeccable "go-getter" attitude she continues to defy what many thought of being IMPOSSIBLE and making it POSSIBLE.

Miss Erika Degraffinreaidt has made it her main focus to work with the emerging artist (designers, photographers, m.u.a./hairstylist, etc.) to shine light on their work. By this Erika creates each concept for the photo shoot to ensure that the work featured really tells a story. She ensures that these stories are told in such a way that when captured one can see the heart/motivation/drive that goes into the photo shoot so that it is not scene as just a photo, it is seen as a piece of art.

Erika takes much pride in being able to do so and is very humbled by the amount of love and appreciation many have shown her throughout the Chicago, Los Angeles and New York areas. Erika Degraffinreaidt founder/C.E.O. of French Vendette' is definitely one to continue to keep your eye on within the next few years because she is without a doubt making the world stand up and take notice of her work within this fashion industry. For further inquiries feel free to contact Miss Degraffinreaidt at FrenchVendetteCouture@yahoo.com