Featured Wardrobe Stylist of October 2012:

DSR Wardrobe (Lala Marie)

Lala Marie is a 26-year-old New York native but has lived all over the east coast.  Her love for fashion started when she was very young.  Her grandfather taught her how to sketch and then in 5th grade she started drawing gypsies and princesses.  She fell in love with the shape of women and quickly filled up sketch books of clothing designs.

She was on the path of becoming a designer and moved to Atlanta where her sister was a photographer.  After sitting through dozens of shoots, she started critiquing the stylists' work and wanted to show them how it should be done.

Lala then moved back to New York and focused on building a portfolio that she could be proud of and is still working at it. The most important thing she has learned is to stay humble.  She says, "If you think you're the best, there is a slight chance you may stop growing."

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