Featured Wardrobe Stylist of May 2011:

Topsy Design

A couple who live and work together, Jared and Sam moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn in 2009 and started Topsy Design, a multidisciplinary creative company.  Under the Topsy banner they have prop and wardrobe styled editorial fashion shoots, production designed and costumed films and music videos, and interior decorated residences.

They are probably best known for their online vintage store, which garnered a lot of notice when it opened last year.  GQ raved about the "carefully curated line with an eye for weathered simplicity." BlackBook lauded the "eco-conscious...timeless styles" and Apartment Therapy dug the "elusive blend...a mad topsy-turvy mix."   (You can find more press quotes here.)

Jared and Sam's antique-filled home has been featured in multiple publications.  Over the next year, they look forward to expanding Topsy into a full fledged design house capable of meeting clients needs in the video, still, and decorative worlds.

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