Featured Wardrobe Stylist of March 2011:


Lei Phillips, Wardrobe Stylist/ Model was born and raised in Los Angeles. Lei loved fashion since she was a little girl. She dreamed of being a Fashion Designer and a Model. She chose to take a path in Wardrobe Styling and being Model. She first started out by assisting other L.A. Wardrobe Stylists. Then she started to branch out and do her own thing. Styling and Modeling has been a part of her DNA. She always keeps up with the new trends and always broadens her mind by researching. She is a natural born stylist that has styled for numerous Magazines like Kenton Magazine, Chiffon Magazine, Bunkerhill Magazine and more to come in the Future. She is one those Stylists that you will remember. Watch out for her because she is ready to blow up.

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