Featured Photographer of June 2015:

TJ Manou

Fashion photographer TJ Manou was born in Armenia. He moved to London, England as a teen and lived there for 12 years. London was a big influence on him when it comes to fashion of course. He is still traveling back to London to his second home fairly frequently for work and inspiration.

Currently TJ Manou is based in Los Angeles where he lives and works as a fashion/editorial and a commercial photographer. It has been over 10 years since he relocated to LA where he works with many magazine editors and established as well as celebrity actors.

TJ's work have been published in GQ Mexico, Vogue Italia and over 40 Fashion magazines all around the world totaling of over 70 publications worldwide.

Unlike many established fashion photographers TJ is always open to new faces and is always on the lookout for the next big star. All of the submissions to him come from leading modeling agencies from US and Europe however if you are an aspiring model and looking to jump start your career you should submit your portfolio for TJ Manou's consideration.

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