Featured Photographer of May 2013:

Melis + Dainon

Melis+Dainon is a photographic partnership created by Melis & Dainon Steiner. Melis & Dainon met in their hometown, Honolulu, Hawai'i, where they developed an appreciation for natural beauty and Asian-inspired simplicity & quality. After leaving Hawai'i, they spent several years traveling and studying culture, and used photography to document their journey together. Photography delivered balance in their lives by providing the opportunity for artistic expression that lacked in their academic careers. Following business & law school, Melis & Dainon devoted more energy and time to photography, and eventually decided to transform their passion into an artistic enterprise. Melis+Dainon officially opened in January 2012 and quickly established a reputation for creating quality and impactful images. Melis+Dainon has developed a signature approach to the photographic process, talent selection, and retouching, which appeals to discerning clients who share Melis & Dainon's belief that the art is in the details. Their style is refined, purposeful, organic, elegant, soulful, and inspired by life & the subjects they work with. To learn more, visit www.melisdainon.com.


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