Featured Photographer of March 2013:

Christopher Alvarez

Christopher Alvarez is a photographer, art director and creative director with over 20 years experience with top brands in the entertainment, interactive, social media and now entering into the fashion industry in Europe and the US marketplace. Founding Creative Director for the west coast iteration of the new fashion art and literature periodical Black & Grey magazine. Founding director of Mediumcool: Design Utopia in Prague, CZ which hosted monthly events in all relevant design forums in the city including the film, fashion and automotive design as well as showcasing advertising and sound design in a packaged monthly event that brought creatives from all disciplines together, hailed by BBC and the Czech National Design Center as "the real deal".
His client list includes SONY Pictures, Stillking Films, FORBES, MySpace/IGN and other top international brands. Relationships with some of the finer lifestyle couturiers in southern California most recently work with CLADE designs, Antiseptic Fashions, and Maddox Leather as well as production with up and coming directors, photographers, and international artists. Coupled with his relationship with top brands, his creative output is unprecedented, bold and fearless production and Top agency approved models including NEXT, FORD, BMG, WUNDER and others. His work is where art and commerce collide and where you can see the difference in bold strokes with an attention to the finer details of lifestyle and culture across fashion, art, film and literature.