Featured Photographer of December 2013:


Born in 1988, and after living in Mexico, Kentucky, and Texas, Jhonnatan and his family finally settled in Chicago. During grade school, he found that his biggest passion in life was music and art. He began college at 16, and during that time, started to get a better understanding of himself and his own work. Jhonnatan does not like having anything between his emotions and his work. He's been painting under his own techniques in abstract expressionism and has been working on perfecting it. Going into his third year of college, he decided to fully pursue photography and design on his own. He has started his own creative consulting company and is founder and editor of his own publication. Jhonnatan would like to admit that he's one of the coolest editors out there, but does confess that he has such complex grammar, that it automatically disqualifies him as cool. He always has a sense of nostalgia in his work. He also feels an almost obsessive need to juxtapose and contrast. Black and white over color any day!


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