Featured Photographer of September 2015:

Geoffrey Badner

Geoffrey Badner learned to print negatives and process his own film when he was 10. In high school he bought his first Nikon SLR and three lenses. He shot rolls and rolls of film and spent hours in the darkroom his dad built in the family house.

Then, he went to college and bailed on photography all together.

For three years Geoffrey worked in photo labs processing and printing other people's work to help pay for school, but rarely picked up a camera to shoot. He studied graphic design and became an advertising creative director and digital designer.

Slowly, over the years, he returned to photography. He started with simple street and documentary-style work that captured what was going on around him, but now he's moving on from that and working to actively capture original moments that he's created.

The main themes that run through his work are "truth" and "beauty". That's what he looks for in life everyday and what he aspires to discover through the lens.