Featured Photographer of January 2012:

Duke Morse

Duke Morse is a professional photographer based in Dallas, Texas whose photography takes him all over the world to shoot.  His love for photography started at the very young age of 13.  After spending 18 years running restaurants he was no stranger to hard work.  Duke picked up his camera again after this hiatus and began the complicated journey of re-teaching himself photography.  The photography world had made a distinctive push from film to digital; therefore, Duke had a pretty harsh learning curve to master in zero time flat.  That was in 2004.  Eight years later and he is still going strong and loving every minute of it.  In fact, he has 2 quotes that he commonly says, "Never underestimate the guy with the disposable camera." and "Some days I really hate my job.Those are the days that I am not shooting."  In addition to his busy shooting schedule, he heads a workshop company, which hosts continuing education classes for others in the industry such as photographers and models.