Featured Photographer of July 2011:

Aña Monique

As a former model, Aña spent a lot of time in front of the camera from an early stage. Modeling took her to all the major fashion capitals and she learned a lot about the fashion industry. After living in Paris and New York, Aña ended up in Los Angeles where she studied and graduated from Make-up Designory. Working with high profile clients and celebrities, she has styled many who have attended the Oscars, Grammys and other red carpet events.

Discovering photography came only 4 years ago. Self taught, Aña Monique has no formal training. "It is something I do from feeling. Much like a musician who plays an instrument by ear. It is what I feel inside, how I see things, how I interpret things. It's a surreal experience each time I photograph a subject. For that moment, I get to allow the viewer to see the world through my eyes. Every day there is something I am learning and it has been a very rewarding experience for me."

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