Featured Photographer of August 2011:

Anjelica Jardiel

Anjelica Jardiel is an up-and-coming portrait, fashion, and lifestyle photographer and enterprising performance artist.

Born and raised in Los Angeles on the ideals of obtaining a "real job," Anjelica brushed off her passion in photography as just a phase, until she was a 4th year student at UCSD on a movie marketing (with photography on the side) path that she felt was fun, but completely unfulfilling.

After a pre-mature quarter-life crisis and obtaining a BA in Communications, she decided to pursue a BFA from Art Center College of Design and is set to graduate in April of 2012.  She now works doing commissions for musicians, fashion designers, and families who love their pets.  Her personal work includes stylized documentary portraits and a series of dozens of 'melting' girls that are an extension of the ugly side of her female psyche.  She has exhibited at shows in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Her future aspirations include the world- editorial/commercial work within the fashion and film industry, gallery shows, and books.

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