Featured Make Up Artist of June 2014:

Angelique Cerniglia

Angelique Cerniglia is a professional makeup artist based in Los Angeles whose love of color has whirled her into the world of fashion as well. The makeup palette was a very fitting inspiration for Angelique. "I've always loved to travel, experiencing new things...and always loved looking at fashion. Women all over the world want to feel and look confident in their appearance," she says. Angelique is compelled to apply her admiration for color, texture, and fashion trends to whatever "look" she is creating for a particular project. "When I was a kid, I used coloring books like crazy. Make-up and fashion melt into one another, I believe." Being true to the idea that confidence comes from within, so when you feel beautiful you exude that beauty, is definitely a strong motivation for this Atlanta-born makeup artist.

Angelique also has a swimwear line galled Gia Jadore. View it here!