Featured Make Up Artist of July 2014:

Hannah Sherer

Hannah Sherer is a Makeup Artist based in Los Angeles, CA. From a very young age, she discovered the beauty of the world through many different mediums, but most prominently, and most resiliently, through her love for art. When she was 13, she started as an art teacher's assistant helping children develop and discover their artistic abilities. In the last few years, she has chosen to pursue cinema and print makeup as her professional medium, working on many short films, photo shoots and theatre productions to build her portfolio. Most recently, she was brought on as the head makeup artist for a national television commercial.

Hannah is currently attending the Make Up Designory's Master Makeup Artist program. She has also been working in LA as a Beauty Advisor for Macy's and has knowledge of many of the makeup lines sold in store. Hannah brings the skills and experience she has attained from both formal jobs and from her education into the workplace. She is passionate about both beauty and specialfx makeup and loves to be creative with both.