Featured Make Up Artist of December 2014:

Bethany Garita

Originally born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, Bethany Garita (Pretty In Ink By Beth) currently resides in Southern California, where she does makeup and hair freelance. She began life as a painter and has always painted women. Of course, painting women led to painting makeup on women. This led to her friends asking Bethany to do their makeup like she'd painted in pictures. That snowballed into people inquiring about who had done all of her friend's makeup when they would go out. One day, Bethany was contacted by a model who mentioned she'd found Bethany on Myspace and wanted to know if she'd do her makeup for a paid photo shoot. From there, Bethany began her career as a makeup artist.

Bethany used photos from that first shoot and photos of her friends to build her first very rough portfolio. She has since been in the industry for almost 10 years and has worked in both film and print. She loves working in print and "painting" the faces of beautiful models. Bethany says receiving the final image in a magazine or printed for her portfolio is like staring at one of her finished paintings hanging on a wall.

Currently, Bethany is working on more editorials, testing, and seeking agency representation. She is very grateful every day that she is able to make a living doing what she loves and owes all of her achievements to her husband and two children. They motivate her, inspire her, and keep her focused, which is all she could ever ask for.