Featured Make Up Artist of September 2013:

Christy Maurer

Christy Maurer arrived in Los Angeles from Alaska and fell right into the world of professional makeup. She attended Elegance International Makeup School in Hollywood, where she trained in makeup for television and film, print and fashion, as well as special effects. She was trained by some of the industry's top makeup artists, including Rich Knight. After graduating, Christy began working almost immediately as a makeup artist on a series of short films and other media projects.

Christy continues to develop her own signature style while under the mentorship of Emmy award winning makeup artist Patty Bunch. In an effort to continue developing as an artist and to better serve her clients on all levels, she enrolled at the Career Academy of Beauty and went on to graduate as a California State licensed medical esthetician. Christy continues to work as a makeup artist and hair stylist in Los Angeles, and around the world, while running her own private esthetician practice.

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