Featured Make Up Artist of March 2012:

Jacqueline Fancher

Jacqueline Fancher was born and raised in Los Angeles, California - land of celebrities and the motion picture hub.  She was destined from the start to be part of the magic that makes film and photography so interesting.  Makeup artistry first caught her eye when she was 12 years old when she started to look at magazines.  Fashion magazine covers and featured spreads that graced the supermodels of the 80's and 90's got her attention the most. She was mesmerized by their beauty. She took mental note of this and while she was shopping with her mother at her favorite department store, she finally got to see the transformations taking place right in front of her.

At 15, she made her first makeup purchase at MAC cosmetics on Robertson Blvd and her kit was born!  She practiced on her friends and before she knew it, strangers were asking her to do their makeup.  Jacqueline started working for cosmetic companies at 21 wheile she was in college studying a business degree.  She knew her passion and true interest was makeup artistry so she decided to go with her instinct.  As she was working for various cosmetic companies, she worked closely with trainers and probed their minds and learned advanced techniques.

Jacqueline moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 2004 and began working with local photographers and magazines in 2006.  To date, she has had wonderful opportunities to work on ad campaigns, sports figures, fashion look books, and TV documentaries.  She is mostly a self-taught make up artist and her skill and preferences are constantly evolving.  She takes every opportunity she can to learn new techniques on her own and from her peers, while keeping with the current trend.  her signature style is classic and beauty makeup.

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