Featured Make Up Artist of January 2012:

Enid Seymore

Enid never imagined that one day she would pursue a career as a makeup artist. A friend was staging their debut fashion show and asked Enid to be the key makeup artist for the event. Without any experience with the process Enid created the look for the show and found the excitement and atmosphere of the fashion show backstage intoxicating. A new career path was born. Enid pursued work with the best photographers, models and stylists in Chicago to build a book that showcased her talent.

In June 2011, Enid moved to New York City to further pursue her dreams. She has worked with Kristen Wig (Bridesmaids), Oscar Issac (Robin Hood), Garrett Dillahunt (No Country For Old Men), The Strokes, Eve, Tom Ford, Carolina Herrera, St. John, Martha Stewart, Comedy Central, NBC and Sony Music

"Artists strongly represent and reinterpret the world around them. I have and always will be fascinated by makeups ability to completely transform. With that, true talent lies in my ability to tell you a story through colors and textures."

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