Featured Hair Stylist of October 2014:

Janice LaTorre

Since 2000, hundreds of Massachusetts and New York residents have been experiencing the creation of modern, chic, and manageable hair styles by Janice LaTorre, a professional hair stylist licensed in both Massachusetts and New York. Most of Janice's professional career was spent in Massachusetts, at an Aveda Concept Salon, Indra.

In 2010, Janice decided to pursue a career path of her own and created her own business, Janice LaTorre Professional Hair Care. In Massachusetts, Janice is one of the busiest stylists in the Andover area, maintaining very high clientele retention. New to New York City in 2010, Janice quickly gained popularity upon the trendy and fast-paced island. She was based out of Red Market Salon for about 2 years before becoming a freelancer. As a freelance hair stylist, Janice has been working on high fashion editorials, music videos, and on location services. Janice loves being able to bring the high fashion of New York City back to her Massachusetts clients.