Featured Hair Stylist of March 2014:

Kristen Linares

Kristen Linares is a hair & makeup artist to St. Louis' aspiring talent, downtown dwellers, and business moguls. She is a 3rd generation stylist from Tampa Bay who strives to perfect images, inform the misunderstood, and teach all a thing or two about their beauty regimen

Raised in Tampa Bay, Kristen's career began and took off on the east coast. She began her professional training with global artists Patrick McIvor and Jayson Morgan. Her mentors exposed her to the world of high fashion, helping develop her taste for classic looks to avant garde. New York Fashion week has been one of Kristen's greatest experiences as an artist. ""There's certain energy when you are a creative person in New York. It's as if you know you're going to be a person who will accomplish great things for having been there!"" she says.

In 2010, Kristen moved to St. Louis and began working as Creative Director in a beautiful West county salon. Her position allowed her to work behind the chair while developing the salon's image through photo shoots and Fashion Shows. Within a few months of accepting her position as Creative Director she was hired by Product Club Color Accessories as a hair color educator. Product Club enables her to travel the country and teach other stylist all the current trends in hair color and equip them with professional tools to make your hair color experience a great one.

In her free time she styled hair and makeup for STL photographers Shannon Mary and Attilio D'Agostino. Developing a solid portfolio of her work and promoting her brand was the focus. Starting her blog, "Beauty and the Brain" motivated Kristen and led to a successful You Tube channel of "How To" tutorials. Kristen soon realized her dream of becoming an editorial stylist was within reach.

June 2012, she opened Thirteenth and Washington, Salon and Creative Space. The space accommodates St. Louis' top photographers, hair/makeup artist, bloggers and wardrobe stylist. She has created a Modern-Vintage atmosphere to inspire and liberate creative professionals. Kristen is an artist at heart who truly loves and is inspired by the world surrounding her. ""Fashion is simple, when you understand it. Finding it within is a little harder. I want to guide everyone I can to feel great about themselves and to feel confident knowing how to make themselves look their personal best"." says the artist.

Kristen strives to improve her surroundings, teach others, learn from others, & make an impact on how the world views beauty and wellness.