Featured Hair Stylist of August 2014:

Michael Onsouvanh

During his teen years, Michael Onsouvanh, tested his talent by doing his sister's hair everyday.  When he reached 7th grade he was booked for his first wedding and this was the start of his career. Michael was able to teach himself to cut and color hair by experimenting with multiple weddings, friends, and family members.  By his freshman year of high school he had his own business.  With four years of high school left he had time to perfect his talent.  After high school he relocated to Chicago, IL. He was looking for a challenge.  He attended Pivot Point International.

While attending beauty school his teachers realized he had talent, skills and passion for doing hair and makeup. Right away they placed him in competitions.  After many competitions he took two 1st place titles. Michael is always trying new things with beauty, he takes risks, and when he does it he puts his whole heart and soul into it.  The experience he has now has brought him to do big things.  He believes there is beauty in everyone. With the right stylist and makeup artist you can be anything you want to be.  At the age of 23 he is fortunate to be where he is and you can expect him to rise to the top.