Featured Hair Stylist of June 2013:

Hair By Hare (Leanne Hare)

Leanne Hare has been a licensed cosmetologist in Arizona and California for over 20 years. She has always had a passion for hair styling. Her first client was of course, Barbie (until she realized her hair would never grow back!). Then she started styling her friends.
After graduating high school, she went straigh into the cosmetology prefession of hair and began working in salons doing color, cuts, weaves, perms and up-do's. She was able to build her skills and speed while learning to communicate with her clients in a professional way (to hear what they were saying and envisioning it in her head).

She moved back to California a few years ago and worked with the Disney Corp as a hairstylist and then worked for operas, photo shoots, runways, red carpet events and music videos. Now she is transitioning into working on movies and TV shows.

"Doing hair to me is like an addiction  I eat sleep & breath hair styles and how I can improve what I do every day. Spreading beauty and professionalism is what I live for."

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