Featured Hair Stylist of June 2012:

Rebecca Beardsley

San Francisco native, Rebecca Beardsley http has styled hair in the Bay Area for the last 28 years. She remembers creatind do's for the neighborhood kids and cutting her own hair. Putting clothes together in her own unqiue style often raised eyebrows and even in her own years later.

Rebecca integrates her passion for style when she uses shape, color and texture to create a mood for lifestyle, fashion and glamour shoots.  Collaborating with photographers, wardrobe stylists and designers - she provides hair services and light makeup on location for both print, runway and film.

Rebecca is proud to be a member of the L'Oreal Professional Session Styling Team and will be at NYC Fashion Week 2012.  She is a member of the San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Network.  Most recently she has produced a fashion film titled, "She's All Alone," working with some of the best talent in the area.

She is committed to growth in all aspects of her industry, traveling often to New York for inspiration

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