Featured Hair Stylist of January 2012:

Mitzi Spallas

Being nominated for Hairstylist of the Year and Make-up Artist of the year for 2003 by the International Photographers Association, and winning the prestigious "Lucie Award" for Hairstylist of the Year, Mitzi Spallas has come full circle in the world of beauty. Beginning her career as a hairdresser in the late 1980's on the East Coast, Mitzi worked her way up to become one of the five members of the artistic council for Zotos International, a team of top hairstylists from around the world who would dictate the next season's beauty trends. During that time, Mitzi also learned to do make-up, and after moving to Los Angeles in the 1990's, began freelancing in both hair and make-up. Her freelance career started out strong when she met punk rock legend Billy Idol, who she can still count as a steady client after 20 years. Working with Billy introduced her to some of the best photographers and directors in the business, such as director David Fincher and photographer Anton Corbin early in her career. She not only toured the world with Billy, but also has since toured with other musicians such as Jewel, Norah Jones, Michelle Branch, and Leann Rimes. Mitzi also worked for almost 10 years for the hip, innovative make-up company "Urban Decay", creating all of the looks for their advertising, in-store promos and merchandising. Mitzi was also sponsored by Thermasilk Haircare and given intensive media training to go on tour with Michele Branch and promote the Thermasilk Products.

On doing both hair and make-up, Mitzi says, "I love creating an entire look for a client. I have strong backgrounds in both hairstyling and make-up, so I have a passion for doing either one. I feel fortunate to be able to do both, as I am exposed to many more experiences than I would if I were doing one or the other. Hairstyling is like sculpting, whereas doing make-up is more like painting. It's hard to choose between two very different, very creative art forms. "

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