Featured Hair Stylist of February 2012:

GlamMe Beauty (Jontynise Smith)

Jontynise "Jai" Smith was born and raised in Chicago, by a single mom who always stressed the importance of being true to oneself no matter what anyone thinks.  This gave her the courage to pursue her dreams.  Her desire for design began early in life.  As a child, she had an innate talent for design:  hair, fashion, interior and home.  Colors, shapes and lines make up everything in this world.  Being able to take something or someone and break them down into these simple parts and then put those parts back together in a visually, beautiful creative way is an amazing gift.  In 2008, she decided to use her gift and pursue cosmetology school.  In 2011, she decided to move to Los Angeles to expand her career and reach her goal of becoming a well-known mobile stylist and dynamic businesswoman.  Now in 2012, GlamMe Beauty Studio is expanding and Jai is excited to see where the road will take her.