Agency spotlight:


Since opening their doors in January of 2009, they have quickly become one of the premier boutique agencies in Los Angeles.

Pinkerton Model and Talent Company is a culmination of Lynn Pinkerton's vast experience with the model and entertainment industry.  Lynn has been known as a pioneer in both of these industries for over 35 years.  Since 1980, Lynn has owned agencies in San Francisco, Miami, and LA.

Some of the famous models she has represented are Kirsty Hume, Lauren Hutton, Amber Valletta and Carmen Carmen.  Many of the actors she discovered and helped have worked on television and movies like CSI, Law and Order, ER, Ned's Declassified, Baywatch, General Hospital, Superbad , Dark Waters, and Scream.

Lynn's goal with Pinkerton Model and Talent is to bring all her knowledge and industry connections together to create a strong and diverse agency which is known for finding top models and talent. Pinkerton is unique in their approach to talent as they believe in developing the whole career of a talent. Pinkerton is the first agency in Los Angeles to combine both a strong fashion and model board with an equally impressive theatrical and commercial department.

Even though Pinkerton is relatively new, all the agents have over 70 years of combined experience in this industry and are passionate in their goals of developing great talent. Lynn has always been a leader, not a follower. Now representing over 700 actors and models. Lynn looks forward to Pinkerton Model and Talent continuing to be recognized as a top fashion and entertainment industry agency.

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